What's in an arrow?  In one word.... everything.  Our mission is simple, build arrows that deliver uncompromising performance custom tailored to our customer's needs.  How it is done:

Start with the highest quality raw materials.

The Black Eagle shafts we use utilize spine matched technology, simply put guaranteeing consistent spine across a given dozen arrows.
Premium shaft are also weight matched to within +/- 1 grain for consistency as well.  Use the industry's tightest standards for publishing straightness.  Many arrow manufacturers publish straightness across a 28" shaft while Black Eagle published straightness is measured across an uncut 32" shaft. 

Know your customer's needs.

We pay special attention to the details. Things like draw weight, draw length, tip weight and fletching preference are all considered when quoting a build
Does the customer have a target arrow they are looking for, do they have any limitations on weight / speed etc...
Where do they hunt, are long shots and wind drift issues a reality, does speed become asset.

Deliver a quality product.

All of our arrows are hand built with no detail in the process being over looked.
Considerations for adhesive bonding strength are adapted into our assembly processes.
Secondary processes for minimizing run out of inserts/outserts/nocks are performed on all arrows.
Perform 100% visual, dimensional and weight inspection on every arrow we build.

We stand behind our builds 100%; if you're not happy we're not happy, but we think you will be.  Our customers routinely report better groups at longer distances which can be attributed to our tight assembly process control but there is more to it than that . 


Ready to order Black Eagle Arrows?

Include the following information in the message section or message us on Facebook and you will be contacted with an arrow recommendation and quote. 

Bow Make & Model:
Draw Weight:
Draw Length:
Tip/Broadhead Weight:
Use: (ex: Competitive shooting, small game, med game, lg game, dangerous game)